Our user’s privacy is important to us and we want our users to feel safe and secure while browsing the website. This page details exactly how CEN (Cambodia Event Network) uploads and protects your privacy.



  • We do not sell, rent, or trade your information. We only share your first name, last name, quantity of booked tickets, and occasionally your phone number (for expensive pay-at-the-door events) with the venues we collaborate with so that you can be checked in smoothly at the door.


  • We keep your information in a secure database on a separate server to the main CEN website. This means that in the unlikely event of a server security breach, your data is still safely locked away on a separate physical machine.


  • Passwords are immediately encrypted upon registration and are not accessible to CEN staff. Passwords are never sent in plain-text format to you.



CEN tracks users when they visit our website and attend events. This is done to aid system development, and understand user behaviour so we can serve you better. We track the following information:



  • When users login and logout, including time, device and browser used, and IP address with the corresponding geographical information.


  • The events that users book, and the quantity of tickets they book.


  • Check-in information for events is automatically fed back into our system so we have accurate details of attendance. This helps us understand what factors, such as day of the week, and event start time, increase attendance amongst CEN members.



CEN may from time to time publish general statistics about user behaviour, attendance, and preference. All the data published is aggregated and anonymised. No individual CEN member’s details will ever be published.


From time to time we may update this privacy policy, especially when we offer new services. If we do update this privacy policy, we will notify all members by email, and we may also post an update on our blog and on our home page.


If you have questions about your privacy, do not hesitate to contact us.